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Mysore the city of the FUTURE.

Mysore, the erstwhile capital of Karnataka, is one of the most sought after tier –II city in India. Well connected by roads, trains & the Mysore Airport is said to be operative from May 2010. Mysore is a dream city that never lets down the visitors with its clean, light and easygoing environment. Even with the growth of the city in response to modernization, Mysore has acquired only a mild change of pace.

The economy of the city of Mysore flourishes owing to the presence of some of the prominent industries in Mysore. The city has some of the major industries involved in the manufacture of agricultural products and automotive. Mysore is also one of the cities known for its booming industries manufacturing computer and software products. The growth in the industrial sector of Mysore is made possible by the well developed infrastructure of the city. The tertiary sector of Mysore is well programmed with the banks and the fund providers that make the availability of loans an easy process increasing the scope of expansion of the industrial sector.

The advent of Wi-Fi in Mysore has literally transformed the city into one of the advanced IT zones of the world. As a result of the Wi-Fi revolution in Mysore, the city gained a complete infrastructure of wireless communication system. The company called WiFiyNet installed three towers in Mysore city with a total investment of 60 lakhs. This in turn led to the activation of the wireless process in Mysore. Today, Mysore boasts of being the first ever city of India and the second one in the world which has become a part of the wireless communication technology. With the development of many IT Companies in Mysore the city became one of the most important IT hubs of the country of India. The city is home to some of the most important and flourishing IT companies of the country. About three dozen major companies have their offices in the city of Mysore. Like Infosys World Training Centre, consisting of 7600 rooms.

With these developments rapidly setting their roots, the next question that would arise would be Availability of Affordable sites in Mysore, and to provide to the need of all the sections, Nirrmaan sets its firm footing in Mysore to provide quality Residential Townships, which truly reflects the heritage image of Mysore.

No.1, " Nirrmaan Nagar", M B Hally Road,
Janthagalli, Varuna Hobli, Mysore - 571311

Tel : 9538993090

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